Executive Staff:

The firm has dedicated executive staff. The Staff and Partners of the Firm work on the concept of fraternity and brotherhood. There is no “The Boss and Subordinate” relationship. It runs on the principle of mutual respect and affection, and the dignity of labor.

  1. SRI I.V.S.MURTHY,B.Com.,Manager (Administration)
    Co-ordinates in Planning and Programming of Audit and staff
  2. SRI K.R.BHUJANGA RAO, B.Com.,Stenographer.
    Co-ordinates secretarial work.
    Supervises Internal Audits.
    Senior Audit Assistant.
  5. SRI K.V.S. SIVA PRASAD, B.Com, A.C.A.
    Audit Supervisor

Audit Assistants:

The Institution attributes a lot of importance to the Students and their training. The Students, all first class graduates, are trained not only to become good Chartered Accountants but also good Citizens. Character building is blended into the training Program. A group of young graduates, all first class, join this office to build up their career. They assist in Audit and Taxation work with dedication. There are about 40 Article clerks in the firm. This staff is exclusively for Audit. The firm is also adequately equipped to handle Direct and Indirect Taxation, Project Financing, Accounts/Audit Manual preparation.