The firm Rao & Kumar was established on 10th October, 1970, at Visakhapatnam, with Sri C. Prasad Rao and Sri K. Parvathi Kumar as its Founder Partners. Later, when Sri Rao left the physical in February, 1972, Sri Kumar carried on the profession admitting other partners in the course of time.

Sri Parvathi Kumar is the architect behind this Institution. Sri Kumar, has a brilliant Academic career with distinctions and Gold Medals. He is also rated high in Social Circles for his professional accomplishments and ethics. After 15 years of Intense professional work, he gradually carved out a social service life that assumed a vast dimension in two decades. Recognizing his contribution to the human society, the Andhra University ennobled him with the highest honour, by conferring Doctor of letters in August 1997.

Dr. K.Parvathi Kumar is a source of Inspiration for self-transformation and for self-development programs, as also for social service programs in more than 30 countries, spread over the three Continents viz., Europe, North America, Central America and South America. He tours extensively all around the Globe on Invitation, organizes group lives, imparts meditation and brings man closer to natural way of living. He authored more than 135 titles and his books have been published in Telugu, English, Kannada, Hindi, German, Spanish, and French languages.

Dr. K.Parvathi Kumar is a source of Inspiration to the upcoming Professionals. During the last 45 years, he had steered more than 170 Chartered Accountants who occupy very responsible positions in society. All said and done, the Institute of RAO & KUMAR is positively a New Age Institution aptly lead, staffed and supported, in search of service to the society at large, contributing persons with value based attitudes and disciplined approaches. It is an Institution ever in search of excellence and systematisation, unwavering in aspiration and approach, ever growing both in terms of size, organisation, values and virtues. Its attitude to do things better always and to better the best, would take it a long way to make it an Institution of sorts and ever so unique.